About Us

No Boring Bikes

Boltcutter Bike Works was born out of a 35+ year love affair with all things bikes. But like most relationships you eventually grow bored with the humdrum monotony of the status quo and need to set out to create your own chaos. Hopefully that's what we've done.

Rider Owned | Locally Supported.

We do not consider ourselves pros. Semi-pro perhaps - on a good enough day. Personally, along with Boltcutter Bike Works my day job is managing a local bike shop, creating our brand image and designing the graphics that go on our team bikes, kits, support vehicles and designing awards and swag for some of our local race series.

Like most brands large and small the carbon framesets sold here are made by a reputable and experienced bike manufacturer overseas who makes a myriad of other big name brands bikes, but the end result is that each and every frame set sold supports a very small community of local and enthusiastic cyclists and artists. 

Ethically Ethical.

We get that carbon is not environmentally friendly. But we have high hopes that in the near future as its application moves into ever more mediums the ability to recycle it will become a reality. But until then, we're doing our best to offset the carbon footprint of our framesets (pun intended) by not only riding our bikes and walking rather than using petrol fueled vehicles when we can but a real life ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle. 

We work at a bike shop that receives four deliveries on average per day. That's a lot of waste - useful waste. You'd be surprised how much bubble wrap and brown paper packing material is used just ship a few tires. Most of that material would usually just end up in the recycling bin, some in the garbage, but we take the best bits and put them to use one more time. 

We also put our money where our mouth is - and feet and asses. In our opinion, sustainability doesn't start and stop with our bikes. It's a lifestyle. We don't haul ourselves to events and rides in big trucks. No fleet of Sprinter vans. Most of us eat vegetarian, some vegan but most importantly we have a ton of respect for others and the planet we live on. 

Design Works. 

The environmental impact of making a carbon frame is one thing. Painting and presentation is another. While we started out creating fully custom painted framesets we quickly realized what was happening. It only takes one trip to the trash from one fully custom painted frameset to put things into perspective. After masking, spraying, unmasking, remasking for another color and so on and so forth, that adds up to a substantial pile of garbage unfit for the recycling bin.

Although we absolutely love painted frames - they're durable, look great, etc., over the years we've become big fans of vinyl graphics. Vinyl is often used by bicycle and motorcycle makers alike - sometimes with a heavy coat of clear to try and hide what's underneath. Commercial grade outdoor vinyl is insanely durable and if you leave off the clear coat you can save a bunch of weight, time and ultimately cost. The beauty of vinyl is that it's not permanent - so you can change up the look of your bike whenever you want. Don't like logos? Not a problem with vinyl. Damaged? They're easily replaceable - just shoot us a message. We make our own decals in house. But don't take our word for it, here's what Surly has to say

If you don't see anything you like here - feel free to reach out or take the plunge and make your own. 


Founder | Boltcutter Bike Works