Worth the Weight: The Peacemaker Lite Compared

I live in the desert.

Well, I used to live in the desert. No I haven't moved. I'm not on drugs... at least any that I'm willing to admit. 

It's been an extremely wet winter/pre-spring. Typically by mid-February all of the low elevation trails are dried out and getting dusty. It's pushing May now and only a portion of those trails are tacky at best and there's snow in forecast. The shop's been slow and just starting to get busy as skiers reluctantly try and switch their mindset from snow to dirt and have been in to browse bikes. Yeah, slow times at a bike shop are nice as it gives you time to regroup, clean up, organize and prep for the next round of product deliveries. But months of slow floor traffic make for long days and that can often lead to mischief, mayhem and chaos between shop staff.

The upside?

I've been able to spend the past two months dialing in my personal Peacemaker.

Originally I was a dedicated fan of 2x drivetrains on my gravel bikes. I loved the gear range as my rides were typically a mix of gravel and road. 

I believe the kids refer to this as "all-road."

But they were noisy. It was another component to have go to crap. And I ended up cracking the ceramic pistons in two Shimano brake calipers. So I took the plunge, went SRAM and full 1x on all of my bikes this season. 

So what about that gear range?

Well, I'm definitely concerned about it. Not so much on gravel rides as they tend to be flat or rolly. But I'm surrounded by 10K mountains and still love to ride road up - and down - them. Going up isn't the problem, but going down is. The stock 42T Force chainring often leaves me spun out in a bit of coasting shame as 2x roadies leave me to look down at my useless gearing.

My solution: an extra Force 1x crankset that I've spec'd with a 46T Wolf Tooth chainring. A couple of minutes and I've converted from a gravel bike to a semi-respectable 1x road bike.

In addition to the 1x changeover I'm slowly becoming a fan of mountain 650b wheelsets on my bikes when riding more technical gravel terrain. They're more comfortable, can carry the same speed on technical terrain and I just seem to have less issues with them out in the middle of nowhere. Granted, they tend to be heavier and more sluggish on pavement. But whatever, I no longer race and my fascination with gravel is to get out and actually see things. 

Getting down to brass tacks.

I went with a semi-full SRAM Force CX1 setup on my 58cm Peacemaker. I say semi because the drivers on my 650b Stan's Crest/Hope Pro 4 and 700c Reynolds Carbon ATX wheelsets are Shimano. So I'm running the new(ish) SunRace wide range cassettes instead of SRAM. 

To round off my build, I went with Easton AX-Carbon bars, EA90 100mm stem, Boltcutter carbon post with 20mm offset, WTB Silverado saddle, Shimano XT pedals, Lizard Skins bar tape, Schwalbe Thunderburt 650b x 2.1" tires and Elite cages. 

Before I threw it on a scale it felt light, even with a computer and mount. Not super light, but noticeably lighter than my titanium bike set up with the exact same kit - except with the new 700c Zipp 303's and Panaracer 38 Gravelking's and XTR pedals instead of XT's. 

A respectable 19lbs with cages, pedals, K-Edge Wahoo computer mount, all rack/fender bolts and aluminum wheelset. 

To put this into comparison, my old current gen Santa Cruz Stigmata  weighed the exact same - almost to the ounce - with a Shimano Ultegra groupo. The Ti bike comes in a pound and half heavier with a similar build.

And there you have it. Weight. Spec. Comparison. 

Now the weather needs to let up so I can get this new build out and on dirt.


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