The Mule



\ˈmyül  \

The offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden.

Having a mule around can’t be understated. It’s there to do hard all the hard work. You take care of it and it takes care of you. The mule is boltcutter’s mascot. It’s in our logo. It’s taken a lot of abuse and will continue to do so.

My mule is a year old carbon gravel/cross bike. It’s been sanded, painted, repainted, resanded, clear coated, polished and ridden. Ridden on the road. Ridden in the west desert. Ridden in Moab. Ridden in the mountains.

The mule has provided a world of feedback and will continue to educate and push my craft.

 boltcutter’s first frameset just came out of clear coat and is awaiting further sanding and then hours of hand polishing. It’s not perfect, but nearly so. Thank the mule.

I anticipate this to be a never ending learning experience. The inconsistency of dry matte paints within and between brands. What spray distance works best with a particular color. Masking to create layers + shadowing. How to fix fuck-ups and more importantly when not to. Thank the mule.

The mule doesn’t drink but it does carry a flask of whiskey when needed.

Here’s to the mule.

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