Waste Not, Want Not | The Peacemaker "Lite"

No, this is not some biblical prophecy. An enlightening perhaps, which I'm feeling pretty good about.

I started Boltcutter Bike Works with the intention of giving bikes a fresh, individualized look. While paint is the by far the best way to convey that, it is also the most expensive way. And the most wasteful. And the most time consuming. Then there's the added weight... Well, you get the idea. 

I came to this epiphany one day after painting a frameset. Which entails masking the bare frame for base coat. Then once that dries. Masking the frame for layers of graphics. Then removing all of that masking and remasking for clear coat. Then comes the polishing and more chemicals. At the end of this process - days later - I was left with a pile of garbage, most of which I couldn't recycle. That was one frame in a long line of others waiting to go through the same process. 

And that wasn't even taking into account the actual manufacturing process, packing and shipping material from China, gas and pollution to not only get the frames into the US and through customs, but delivered to our front door. 

If you've ever worked in a bike shop you know full well how wasteful our industry is. Regardless of all the environmental benefits cycling bestows upon the planet, getting that bike underneath you means a heaping pile of cardboard, foam, paper, plastic zip ties and other garbage. 

And if you fuck up and have to fix something, well....

So after much soul searching and back and forth I decided to create what I'm calling "Lite" - which is nothing more than reducing all that waste. 

I've been using commercial grade vinyl for about 4 years now. Mostly on bike frames as team graphics. Although it does come with plenty of its own challenges, it does hold up extremely well if done right. And as a bonus - it's replaceable and easily fixed. 

I just finished the first two Peacemaker "Lite" gravel framesets and not only do they look absolutely amazing (in my opinion) the waste generated from two framesets took up about a 1/4 of the space in a grocery bag. Aside the time spent in front of the computer designing the graphics and cutting out a few test pieces, the time spent finishing these frames were reduced by over a week. All this translates into less cost which means a less expensive, yet still individualistic frameset graphics. 

The new Peacemaker "Lite" framesets will be available at the end of January in black as well as two new matte base colors: Mist and Smoke and ever changing gloss, matte and metallic graphics. 

If you have a minute, check them out on the website and let me know what you think.


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