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  • Bauhaus Black | HiFi Carbon Wheel Upgrade
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Bauhaus Black | HiFi Carbon Wheel Upgrade

Small Batch

Pippin Green

Small Batch

Riders On The Storm

The Peacemaker

The anti-identity crisis frameset. Named after the gun that won the west or some patron saint - you decide. The Peacemaker is 700C & 650B compatable. Comfortable with 1x or 2X drivetrains. Fits racks, fenders, bento box, sports 3 waterbottle mounts and the pièce de résistance: a threaded bottom bracket.

Smooth Operator

Light enough to race 100+ mile gravel events, yet comfortable off-road, all-road, on road, groad, gravel, single track, light touring and any other industry catchphrase you can cobble together. 


The Peacemaker is made in small batches, limited colors and unique graphics in the hopes that no two bikes end up looking the same. We call it "semi-custom" only because we couldn't think of a more clever name and we tend to cringe at hokey industry terms. Gravel doesn't have to be boring... neither do you.

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Boltcutter is owned, operated and created by bike shop employees. No corporate money. No big bank loans. No suit and ties.

Boltcutter was built by hard work and living within our means. We're aware of our environment and are constantly improving our methods and product to reduce our footprint and impact locally and globally. When possible we source materials from independent, local businesses and use recycled packing products from local bike shops.

Call us old school, but we still view bikes as pieces of art and our hope here is to buck the industry trends and put a fresh face on cycling. We love bright, uniquely individual colors and graphics that make your own creation stand out.

We love to talk shop. Solve problems and create unique and individualized experiences. And we have a not so secret fetish for good coffee, hot pizza and real food on long rides.

Boltcutter started out and continues to grow as a global community of environmentally conscious cyclists, adventure seekers, artists, writers and advocates.

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